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Consulting Services

  • Performance Improvement
    Business Consulting Company QuestionTo reach its full potential a company must attain peak performance in several dimensions. Performance improvement encompass revenue enhancement, cost management, rightsizing, capability sourcing and business process design

  • Organization Design
    More and more companies are seeking to become highly adaptive by balancing attention to today's performance with the creation of future operations. A highly effective organization is the key to this journey and perhaps the only sustainable source of advantage.

  • Business Process Reengineering
    Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is the redesign of business processes and supporting systems and organizational structures to achieve a dramatic improvement in business performance. BPR is the analysis and change of five components of the business: Strategy, Processes, Technology, Organization and Culture.

  • Business/Staff Modeling
    Our process includes the development of an enterprise (company) cost reduction plan with an aggressive yet realistic approach by prioritizing our recommendations into an implementation plan. Our business modeling tools delivers rapid identification and implementation of realistic cost saving programs across the entire organization.

  • Benchmarking/Best Practices
    Benchmarking improves performance by identifying and applying best demonstrated practices toward the companies operational areas. Managers compare the performance of these products or processes externally to those of competitors and best in-class companies. It also reflects other operations within the company's own firm that perform similar activities.

  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a business should become and how it can best achieve that goal. It appraises the full potential of a business and explicitly links the business objectives to the actions and resources required to achieve them.

  • Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key offering from CBG, focused on defining, designing and implementing strategies and approaches to help our clients achieve customer relationship goals.

  • Call Center Effectiveness
    CBG improves call center effectiveness by leading the effort to take the rich quantities of data present in the call center environment and transform it into useful management information. This data is, in turn, used to identify fundamental issues such as: variability in call agent performance, capacity imbalances, excessive queuing time, significant percentage of drop calls, low sales conversion rates, executive and department misalignment, outdated incentive and training needs.

Organizational Development Services

  • Coaching Performance
    Business Management Consulting QuestionThe challenge today is to identify and measure behavior that drives your specific business goals. Tapping the pipeline entails engaging people in the organization in planning and decision making routines that historically have been reserved to first line supervisors.

  • Team Development
    Our team development program is designed around a powerful business model named after an accounting model that incorporates balance in creating high level performance teams. The T-Account Model© is used as a template to train and develop business unit managers/teams or an entire organization into cohesive, self managed units that focus on business unit goals, core processes, organizational values and communications.

  • Organization Effectiveness Survey
    The Cultural Survey process provides client's organization with a discipline approach designed to generate a customized employee survey and results that will have a shelf life of three to five years. This means that the organization will be able to rely on the accuracy of the information relative to what employees feel is important for them to be effective in this particular environment.

Technology Services

  • System Integration
    Our staff helps to define and implement process and technology results that support each clients unique long term business objectives. CBG helps clients succeed by providing integrated results through proactive and efficient planning, definition, design, development and implementation of the process.

  • Project Management
    Our professional staff can provide just-in-time, on-site support to help ensure success of your projects. Our Project Managers are able to successfully manage any size or complexity of a project. Our managers many years of experience in facilitating projects to successful completion and on time and on target, in various industries.

  • Workflow Management
    We engage the same process for workflow management described under Consulting Services for process simulation modeling. Our integration of software and management techniques enable our clients to realize significant improvements in the IT Functions, resource utilization and other process outcomes.

About Cambridge Business Group

  • About CBG
    CBG founded in 1987, works with small, medium size and Fortune 500 companies and has established itself as an industry leader in service, improving operational effectiveness with a variety of implementation methodologies.

  • Leadership
    John C. Conant is the Founder, President and CEO of CBG. Since its establishment in 1987, the company has experienced strong growth and has transformed CBG into a leading international consulting firm which include eight strategic alliances. As CEO, John is CBG's primary decision maker and policy maker, setting the tone for the company's values, ethics and culture.

  • Our Values
    Proven project management and process development skills, solid industry experience, track record of meeting project schedules and budgets.

  • What We Believe
    Business Management Consulting QuestionWe aim to help the executives of leading companies and organizations make significant improvements to their overall performance by tackling their most challenging issues. We do so by taking top management's perspective, bring innovations in management practice and building on client capabilities.

  • Who We Are
    Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on organizational change or strategic business technology, our staff is committed to helping clients improve their products, services, business relationships and their profits.
Cambridge Business Group Careers
At Cambridge Business Group, you will enjoy a high energy environment and work on project teams with individuals who are passionate about their work and committed to tangible results for our clients.

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Corporate Office:
PO Box 1364
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Call 603.882.7077
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International Office:
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At CBG our professional staff has an individual average of 18 years of industry experience. All supported by an industry-focused business model with solutions that are and will be tailored to your unique market place needs.

Strategic Alliances
CBG's business insight and accelerated methods, linked with their technology, provides a winning combination for our clients. These alliances give our customers a competitive edge by ensuring that they implement the right strategy at the right time for their unique business environment. All this will be done within accelerated time frames and at a lower unit cost.

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