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Business Process Reengineering

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Business Process Management SolutionsBusiness Process Reengineering (BPR) is the redesign of business processes, supporting business systems and organizational structures to achieve a dramatic improvement in business performance.

BPR is the analysis and change of five components of the business:

  1. Strategy
  2. Processes
  3. Technology
  4. Organization
  5. Culture
Business Process Management Solutions

Business Process Reengineering attained a tarnished image during the 1990's as the methodology and approach was not fully understood nor appreciated. The term BPR is being used less or is altered, so that these types of initiatives are not associated with BPR of the past.

Despite this tarnished name, the actual practice of redesigning business processes, associated technology and organizational structure is more popular than ever.

Companies continue to reexamine and fundamentally change the way they do business. CBG, Inc. has developed a Process Value Appraisal Methodology (PVAM) in support of reengineering and continuous improvement. Whether it is reshaping the organization or working with the existing systems, our CBG, Inc. model blends the process management practices with technology to make existing systems work together where historically they were less or even completely ineffective.

Business Process ManagementsThe benefits of working together, includes a seamless process/technology integration resulting in improved productivity and service including, but not limited to results like reduced operational expenses.

Reengineering, regardless of the terminology, remains an effective tool for organizations striving to operate as effective and efficiently as possible.
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